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1968 AMX 

Greg Schoonover

I received my rebuilt ps unit today in perfect condition. Great job on the rebuild, excellent workmanship. It's so nice & shiny clean I almost don't want to put it back on my dirty worn out motor, lol. Once again thanks for your time & products. 

   P.S. Something I put together in the early '80s when I was a kid. Ya, it was a California car & had 4 inches missing from the wheel wells & when I had the body work done I had them straightened out. To fill that space up I put 29/12.5/15s under it. It's a '68, 390, 4 speed with 4:10s & I believe it was originally red with red interior. #00528

Doug Novak
Shrewsbury, PA.
     Kent Ellis
Mrs. Ryan Burgard.
Joe Tine
Rick Streiff
1968 & 1970 AMX's
Charles Martel
Salvatore Guarino
Sidney, NY
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