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1969 AMX

390 4 speed Go-Pak

  I bought this AMX from the original owner in the spring of 1971. It was a little over two years old, and had about 30,000 miles on it, and was in like new condition. It was ordered with very few options, and those were all performance oriented. No power robbing air conditioning or power steering. No extra weight with bumper guards or tilt steering column. Also no electric wipers or washers and not even a clock. It was built for speed. Two unusual options were the quick ratio (16:1) steering gear and the redline tire delete. That's right, it was delivered new with blackwall E70-14 tires and wheel covers! Of course, the owner installed a set of 14 x 6 Keystone Klassics, probably as soon as he got it home! It also has the dealer installed Rally-Pak gauge set up. The delivery date was March 15, 1969, so it is now over 45 years old. It is still with me and now has over 124,000 miles on it. It has always been reliable and quick and I've never gotten tired of looking at it.