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 American Motors VIN Identification
1968-1980 All Models. The V.I.N. number is found on a stainless steel plate welded to the RH upper shock 
tower surface on all 1968 models and on a steel plate riveted to the top LH side ofthe dash structure 
(visible through the windshield) on all models built from January 1st 1968 through 1980.
Example: A8M397XIOOOOI
First Digit - "A" Manufacturer - American Motors Corporation
Second Digit - Model Year:
Third Digit - Transmission Type:
Fourth Digit - Series:
Fifth Digit - Body:
Sixth Digit -Trim Level, Group or Model:
Seventh Digit - Engine Type:
Eighth through Thirteenth Digit - The eighth digit indicates the manufacturing plant (1-6 = Kenosha, 7-9 =: Canada).
The sequential serial number includes the eighth digit and the remaining digits starting with 100001.